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Selections 4U

To truly compete in today’s insurance market, an efficient technology baseline is essential. A legacy baseline won’t allow you to quickly bring new channels to market, or simply react to market change in a way that doesn’t leave your external stakeholders unsatisfied. Vendor products are sound options to quickly modernize portions of your business or the full lifecycle. The problem is that the vendor market is vast. More often than not, an insurer doesn’t have the resources and/or the current market knowledge to efficiently get through a vendor selection. The point of modernization is to improve your speed to market, so why start off with a slow and expensive selection? Let 4C Solutions cater a selection to your exact needs.

Advantage 4U

Be an Advantage Insurer. Modernization is about enabling you to gain an advantage in the market, and not just gain it, but keep it. Use 4C Solutions to your advantage. We know the market, and after initial due diligence, we’ll know what you need in the market. 4C Solutions will streamline the selection process, only presenting you with a viable subset of the market, not wasting your time with noise. This process gives you both a speed and cost advantage. That advantage is one you can build upon, modernizing your offerings more efficiently, passing those efficiencies onto your key stakeholders. Let 4C Solutions be your advantage.

Selections 4U
Selections 4U

Knowledge 4U

4C Solutions knowledge of the vendor market for insurers is valuable, but more valuable is our knowledge of the selection process as a whole. There are many steps to take, many potential pitfalls during this process. Those that occur from lack of buy-in, underestimating internal resource needs, untimely resource effort, not knowing where vendor delays can arise, not knowing what an adequate vendor delay is, inexperience with current market contracts, lack of anticipating legal delays, not knowing the complexities of next steps post vendor decision which can halt all momentum gained, the list goes on and on. Whether you’re looking for a new CCM, ERP, or PAS system for example, no matter the size, pitfalls exist throughout. 4C Solutions will help you avoid those pitfalls, making sure you’re aware of the decisions you’ll need to make next month, not just next week. Our knowledge of the selection process is second to none, use that to your advantage.