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Virtual Transformation Office 4U

Today’s executives are often too busy with operational needs to be an effective Transformation force. Even with all the Strategic Roadmaps in the world, the implementation and constant adjustment of course cannot be achieved by an executive team with one and a half eyes on the day to day. We have delivered many roadmaps only to see the Carrier implementation be a shadow of the intention – why – no driving force, no one to ensure roadmap success, no one to focus on the need for a roadmap to be ever changing. Focus is lost.

Enter the Virtual Transformation Office; think of it as another set of key executive stakeholders with a focus on strategic thinking and innovation. 4C Solutions believes that through its innovative approach to not just the creation but the actual implementation of a strategy, we have that answer. A collective mindset of two or three part-time strategic consultants, specialized in your Business and Technology that work in cohesion with your senior staff – the Virtual Transformation Office report to the current Execs and allow them to make strategic decisions in a fraction of the time while ensuring operational success.

Often for less than the price of a glossy 100 page Big-5 roadmap, you get a Virtual Transformation Office that will implement the strategy, augment and empower your senior staff to drive change and innovation.

Transformational Change 4U

Change can be a scary word, especially to the Quarter Century club of your organization, but a well-managed and executed transformation can be the opposite, breeding new life and innovation into the enterprise.   Whether it be process improvement, organizational change, project management methodology or coaching and mentoring, 4C Solutions are here to assist and partner with you on your journey through its innovative offering – the Virtual Transformation Office – not just talk but an Executive tool to ensure empowerment and innovation that drive the company to transform itself and stay ahead of your competition.

We will develop strategies that minimize disruption and increase buy-in / adoption to move your enterprise towards its long-term operational goals, effective communication on the driver and benefits of change are key to your success.

Not only will we develop and implement a strategy, the VTO will go much further – leaving behind a permanent Transformation Office made up of key internal IT and Business leaders. Having worked and grown with our VTO, they will be able to keep your company ahead of the curve long after the consultants are gone – not a Strategy, not a Roadmap – A long standing transformation for your organization and self-sufficiency.

Virtual Transformation Office 4U
Virtual Transformation Office 4U

Assessments and Roadmaps 4U

Leveraging our IP around industry trends, vendor markets and technology direction, we are the right partner for your strategic planning efforts. From IT Assessments, Cloud readiness all the way to Business and Technology Roadmaps our focus and prior execution make us the only consultancy firm in the industry, not just with the expertise, but also the desire to make this work for your needs, not the needs of the consulting firm. Our roadmaps focus on a 3 to 5-year vision, encompassing all aspects of the business and technical landscape – providing not only the direction and timeline but also a plan, vendor analysis, build vs buy consideration and costing. Our roadmaps give you the power to make an informed decision, the right way 4U.

Remember a Roadmap is only effective if it is acted upon, managed and augmented over time, this is why we offer the VTO to ensure success, rather than just the PowerPoint. Transformation 4U, Empowerment 4U…. It is time to change.